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Video Interview Practice Tool

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Throughout the application process for studying in the U.S. you may be asked to take part in an interview. This interview could be part of your application process or for a scholarship, but you will definitely have an interview as part of the visa process.

We are excited to share the Video Interview Practice tool that you can use to help prepare to study abroad. This tool is compiled of common questions that you may be asked in an admission interview, scholarship, or visa interview. You will receive tips for a great interview and an evaluation guide to review your video responses to the questions.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a successful interview!

Tip 1 – Choose Your Recording Location

Don’t let your background and surroundings become a distraction during your interview. Keep your background simple and make sure that there is enough light. Aim to have little to no background noise if possible for the duration of your interview. You want the focus to be on you.

Tip 2 – Pay Attention to Your Non-Verbal Communication

Research has shown that only about 10% of the impression that you make on others is based on the words you use, the rest is nonverbal! Choose your words carefully, but work even harder to be open, confident, positive, and respectful. Be sure you highlight your value and confidence by sitting up straight, show that you care, and why they should care!

Tip 3 – Maintain Eye Contact

Always keep in mind you will appear more confident and approachable if you look the interviewer in the eyes. If you are participating in an interview virtually that means looking at your camera. If it helps you can block the rest of the screen to eliminate distractions!

Tip 4 – Get Used to Recording Yourself

Be sure to review your videos after using our Video Interview practice tool as these will help you understand how you will appear to interviewers. Use our self-assessment tool to score your performance, determine where you are excelling and where you can use improvement.

Tip 5 – Be Ready to Answer a Variety of Questions

You never know what someone might ask during an interview. You could be asked quick and simple questions or something more complex. This is why we encourage you to prepare for these situations to make your next interview go smoothly. We want to motivate you to practice these skills to relieve any tension you might be feeling when preparing for an interview. The more you practice the more comfortable and confident you will feel in the situation— leading you towards a more favorable outcome!

At EdAgree, we are here to help you identify your path to academic success at a U.S. university. We want to help you put your best foot forward during the admissions process, additional support throughout your study abroad journey and beyond! This is why we have created the Video Interview Practice tool, to encourage you to practice and prepare yourself adequately to master your interview!

Create your free EdAgree profile and start taking advantage of our Video Interview Practice today!

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