The FREE EdAgree platform allows you an opportunity to express yourself, show-off your skills, and easily apply to universities that match with both your career dreams and your personality. 

We at EdAgree care that you have an opportunity to apply to and attend a university that will maximize your chances for success--the best university for YOU. We build strong relationships with our university partners and with aspiring EdAgree Scholars (you!). These deep relationships mean that we can provide advice and support to you. 

By becoming an EdAgree scholar we will help you identify and apply to a great-fit university, but our commitment to your success doesn’t end there! We will help you apply for and prep for a visa, support you during your studies with internship opportunities, culture and skills-building workshops. When the time comes after graduation and graduate school is in your future, don’t worry we will be there to support you too!



Nowhere else will you find the depth of knowledge and contacts that EdAgree can provide...and certainly nowhere else will you have cost-free access to such services.

Build your free Profile!

Practice your skills, show your creativity, express yourself. As you build your profile to become an EdAgree Scholar, think about who you are and who you want to become. EdAgree is here to help you fulfill that vision and guide you to the universities that may best help you achieve your dreams!

Explore our partner universities and decide where you want to apply!

Your entire application will be filled out on the EdAgree website. EdAgree will review your application to make sure it is complete and you are putting your best foot forward to maximize your acceptance potential.



Explore our diverse partner universities and see what catches your eye. They are located all over the United States and have something for everyone: large, small, city, college town, and offer a variety of majors and programs. Check them out now! 

You can also take this quiz to see which university matches your aspirations and need!


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EdAgree, Inc., a subsidiary of Educational Testing Service (ETS), is an unwavering advocate for international student success.  We build up free products and services to support EdAgree Scholars in their education journeys with advocacy, and we conduct research with universities and other partners to explore how we can make those services even more effective.


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