Diversify Your International Student Enrollment 

Are you looking to increase the volume or global diversity of your international student body?

 Would you like to benefit from on-going research into the likely yield, learning success, engagement, and graduation rates of aspiring international students? If so, then let’s chat.

EdAgree is not in the business of just finding and "delivering" international students. As a subsidiary of the Educational Testing Service, we are committed to collaboratively working with institutions to match the right students for long-term success. With the combination of our EdAgree Platform, research-driven match criteria, and ongoing support services for students we can help you grow your international student population--predictably and intentionally. 

Caring and helping students find the right match to maximize their success! 


EdAgree is a subsidiary of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the globally respected maker of tests like TOEFL and GRE. We are well-positioned to recruit, deliver, and support international students for consideration by your admissions team.


By building strong relationships with our university partners and with aspiring EdAgree Scholars we help students identify destination universities where they will thrive and advance towards their long-term academic and career goals.

Our collaborative relationship with research teams at ETS enables us to study the long-term success of international students and identify strategies to optimize that success.

We are committed to being a  long-term partner and not as an agent that focuses solely on the fulfillment of recruiting goals.


Our recruiting services and methods have a large global reach and will help you reach your goals of increasing diversity and enrollment of international students.

EdAgree ensures the scholars who apply through the EdAgree platform are qualified applicants and good matches for your university. We take the time to review applications to make sure your requirements are checked-off before we submit them for your consideration--reducing some of the legwork for admissions teams.

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