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English Language Practice and Test Prep Workshop: Let's Review

Our English Language Practice and Test Prep Workshop prepared students for tests like the TOEFL® and helped practice English with interactive sessions and breakout rooms.

Top Asked Questions:

What is the minimum English test score?

  • The minimum TOEFL® (or other English proficiency test) score that a university requires can be found on that school’s page on the EdAgree platform. Just click on that university and scroll down to the “Admissions” section; you will see a section titled “English Proficiency” that has the minimum scores of that particular school.

How does EdAgree help with English prep?

  • The free EdAgree platform has a speaking practice tool and writing practice tool that are scored using the same scoring at the TOEFL® if you want to see how prepared you are for the test.

How can I improve my reading skills?

  • To improve your English reading skills, read as much and as often as you can on a variety of topics. You should expand your vocabulary by making a plan to study new words. Also, you can learn to recognize different organizational styles to understand the way a text is structured. Get more details and see more tips at


Did you miss the event but still want to watch the sessions? You can watch our English language and test prep playlist on YouTube!


  • EdAgree: EdAgree provides cost-free services to help you prepare and study abroad. The free EdAgree Student Platform provides learning/practice tools, English-speaking practice, English proficiency diagnostics, university match quiz, personality assessment, and more. We support you by advising on your college search process, reviewing your application materials, and helping through the entire application and enrollment process. To access our platform with free tools, assessments, and services, create your student profile today at!

  • ETS (TOEFL®): Students can achieve their dreams of university study, immigration and more with the TOEFL iBT® and TOEFL® Essentials™ tests. Each test is uniquely designed so they can choose the TOEFL® test that's best for them.

  • E2 Test Prep: E2 Test Prep is the world leading test-preparation provider. We’ve helped over 1.4 million students with their exam success. Our online platform provides students with the best educators and learning methods to prepare for high stakes English exams including IELTS, OET, PTE, TOEFL® and TOEIC. With our preparation courses, you get 24/7 access to practice tests, expert tutorials, teacher’s feedback on assessments, live classes and more!

  • ASU Global Launch: The Global Launch Online Immersion English language program is not the same as learning English on YouTube or through a mobile app. We have been teaching English online for over 5 years, and have won awards from the U.S. Department of State and Coursera for our excellence in online teaching.

  • TOEFL Resources: Do you want to improve your score on the TOEFL® Test? We can help with Essay and Speaking Evaluations, Writing Master Guides, Speaking Master Guides, and Sample TOEFL® Essays.

Sessions hosted:

Navigating Culture and Language: Come join this interactive session to practice your spoken English and learn about American culture and language to help you study and live in the United States. Marlowe’s main point was about how speaking up in class is important and very necessary.

Utilizing EdAgree Tools to Prepare for English Proficiency Exams: Attend this session to learn about all the free tools and resources on the EdAgree platform you can use to help you practice your English and prepare for an upcoming English proficiency exam or interview.

Top Exam Options and Tips to Succeed: Hear from a test prep expert on the top English proficiency exams and which is the best fit for you. As well as tips to help you prepare to take the exam.

1, 2, 3 to Crack the TOEFL®: Hear from a test prep expert on 3 important areas of prep for the test and studying in the U.S. 1. Learn about U.S. culture and fun facts 2. English pronunciation help 3. Tips for the TOEFL®

Choose the Best Test for You: TOEFL iBT® or TOEFL® Essentials: Hear from the ETS TOEFL® team on which test is the best for you and get all your test taking questions answered!

Listening Strategies for English Proficiency Exam: Discusses the importance of note taking, active listening, focus, and practice when preparing for English proficiency tests.

Student Panel on Reaching Their English Goals: Hear from students who achieved their English goals for university through online study.

Learn American Academic Culture and Standards for University Success: Understanding how American Academic culture may vary from your home country and how to prepare yourself.

Understanding the TOEFL® Independent Essay: This session will explain the TOEFL® independent essay of the writing section of the exam. It will also share tips and tricks to master this difficult part of the TOEFL® exam.

Visit our Events page to stay up to date on all EdAgree events! EdAgree, launched by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), empowers international students with the knowledge and services they need to optimize their journey into, through, and beyond higher education. Students utilize the EdAgree platform and partner network to highlight their individual strengths and to plot their ideal academic journey.

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