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International high school students seeking education abroad

EdAgree For High Schools

How EdAgree Can Help You

We know there are so many factors in helping students on their journey to studying in the U.S. and EdAgree is here to support you and your students. 

Helping Your School and Your Students

No-Cost Student Platform

Our no-cost student platform and services help international students prepare for education abroad. Students have access to learning/practice tools such as English-speaking practice, a college readiness quiz, English proficiency diagnostics, and more. We provide any student who uses our platform and is interested in studying at our partner universities advising on their college search process, review of their application materials. We help streamline the application and enrollment process. The platform-tools and resources are great to use with all your students thinking about studying abroad. We will walk you through our platform, share with you ways to use the platform with your students, and answer questions you may have.​​​ 

Customized School Workshops

Our student-focused customized school workshops can help your students learn about many of the processes, steps, and learn tips needed to prepare to study abroad. 

  • Topics range from financial aid, choosing the right school, the application process, personal essay writing, and more!

  • No cost to the school or students

  • Our workshops are interactive and help to move students forward on their college journey

Small Group Advising

We know students have lots of questions and understanding the college application process can be confusing. Our small group advising can help. We offer small group advising for your students who want to study abroad. The session will provide guidance on the application process and requirements, creating their personal readiness roadmap, answer questions, and more

Professional Development Opportunities

Beyond serving your students, we want to make sure we are a valuable partner to YOU. We do this by providing: 

  • Curriculum resources on how to leverage the EdAgree platform to help your students prepare to study abroad

  • Information and resources on ways to prepare to study abroad, the application process, tips for learning English, and more.

  • Counselor-focused workshops and events

  • Prioritized communication through WhatsApp and WeChat


Learn How to Become an EdAgree School

Download this guide to learn more or fill out the form below!

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