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EdAgree is here to support you during your continuing studies as a graduate student at a U.S. university. 

As an aspiring graduate student, you likely have several high-priority concerns.  EdAgree can help directly connect you to university programs, providing free 1:1 help to guide you through the process of applying to grad school, and beyond!

How can EdAgree help me?

MPower - Funding

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Find Funding - Ready and qualified for the challenges of graduate school but identifying ways to pay is a struggle? You’re not alone!
EdAgree has partnered with MPower that shares our same goals—access and success for international students. MPower believes in your potential and you can secure a fixed rate loan from them based on your future earning potential—not based on a co-signer or collateral or credit history. They also offer scholarships that are widely accessible to international students. MPower is unique, and they are authentically in the business of helping international students. Apply today and begin your future of studying abroad!

EdAgree Universities

Apply to Grad School — Our graduate program partners offer a wide variety of graduate programs. EdAgree has built a strong relationship with our partners, and they are ready to hear from us TODAY about your interest.
Let’s begin with gathering some basic information, and an EdAgree Student Success Advisor will share with you academic program information on our grad school partners. 

Practice and Improve Your English

ASU English Language Program Improve English - ASU's Global Launch’s innovative learning programs and courses allow learners from all backgrounds access to a high-quality language learning experience. Global Launch is proud to be part of the top 1% of the world’s most prestigious universities.

EdAgree English Language Practice Suite - A suite of tools to help you practice, refine, and track your English language skills, including a diagnostic assessment, speaking practice, a video interview tool, and more!

Our partners
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