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US-Bound International Undergraduates: Understanding Uncertainty & Policy

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

EdAgree’s Global Education Series kicked off this week with its first topic: US-Bound International Undergraduates. The series of webinars is intended to help attendees navigate the complex and ever-changing global education ecosystem.

The webinar on July 30, 2020 had a live panel of university representatives and international counselors raising and answering your most pressing questions about US college admissions for international students and updating you on the confusing swirls of policy and schedule changes.

Webinar Topics:

1) Concerns from Students and Parents

Xiaobo Percy Jiang and Emily Dobson work daily with students preparing and applying for overseas college experiences. They will share some of the most common and important questions that they hear from students who plan to study at US undergraduate universities and how they respond.

2) Responses from US Universities

Susan Edgington and Jessica Strong are engaged in policy decisions and discussions at their universities and beyond. They will describe how they are actively addressing student and parent concerns while continuing to provide safe and welcoming environments for international students–now and going forward.


  • Xiaobo Percy Jiang, Director of College Counseling, Keystone Academy, China

  • Emily Dobson, Cooperative Educational Consultant, E.D.G.E Direcionamento Educacional, Brazil

  • Susan Edgington, Executive Director at ASU Global Launch, Arizona State University

  • Jessica Marie Strong, International Recruitment Coordinator, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Moderated by Marlowe Johnson, CEO of EdAgree.

During the webinar panelist Emily Dobson referred to a survey she sent out to international counselors, parents, and students related to their concerns and questions for attending US universities – you can download the survey results below:

Download • 178KB

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