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Building Your Best University Application: Let's Review

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

EdAgree supports international students into, through, and beyond their study abroad journey by providing free tools and resources, and helping them prepare and apply to university.

Let’s review what you may have missed at our webinar from November 02, 2022 titled Building Your Best University Application. Topics discussed included choosing a university and the important factors to consider, materials needed, and how to upload materials with EdAgree.

Choose a university

Multiple factors need to be considered when finding the right university. Location in the U.S., financial need, school size, academic major offered, student support, and more! It is important to keep application deadlines in mind. For Spring 2023, the deadline is mid-November and Fall 2023 deadlines can be April 15, May 1, or June 1. Spring semesters start in January and Fall semesters will start in August/September.

Gather your materials

Successful university applications require a few materials. These can include:

  • Transcripts (in English)

  • English proficiency results

    • TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, etc.

  • Test Results (ACT/SAT)

  • Personal Statements/Essays

  • Bank/Financial Statements

  • Other

It is important to remember that each university’s admission team reviews a large number of applications so it is important they have a set requirement for documents. This information is relayed to the EdAgree advising team and we will make sure your application fits the requirements by university admission teams! Not every university will require the same documents for application, so it is important to be prepared!

Don’t Delay, Start Today - with EdAgree!

EdAgree offers an easy to use platform and tools to help you prepare to study abroad. Our platform provides a series of guiding quizzes in the areas of career, personality, and college readiness. These assessments help you learn about your college readiness, your personality traits, and which U.S. universities are the best fit for you and your goals! You can also access an entire suite of tools to help you prepare and gain confidence for a test (like TOEFL) or an interview!

EdAgree works directly with the admissions team at your university to get you a quick admission decision! Our EdAgree advisors are available to help you 1:1 through the application and admission process to ensure you are able to put your best foot forward during your study abroad journey.

For more information about our upcoming events visit our events page and stay up to date with everything EdAgree!

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