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Tools to Improve Your English Skills

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The best free online English language practice suite just got better! Our newest addition features software for you to practice your writing skills and is scored with the same software used to score the TOEFL® Exam! Using our entire practice suite of tools covers all your English practice needs!

Our newest feature, English Writing Practice, is a free tool designed to give you automatic feedback to help you:

  • prepare for upcoming English language tests (like TOEFL®)

  • polish personal statements and essays

  • assess your written English in the classroom, on the job, and more!

This tool allows you to better understand how you may perform on the TOEFL® because it is scored using the same software! Provided are tips and tricks meant to guide you to gain a better score – these tips can also be applied when you are taking your test. You will have multiple varying prompts to choose from and you may retake the test as often as you feel necessary. While this software is modeled after what is used to score the TOEFL®, you can also apply this information to other English language exams!

It is important to remember this DOES NOT count as an exam score, rather an interpretation of how you may score.

Free Suite of Tools

Our suite of tools to practice your English will help you become proficient in your English skills. The English Diagnostic Assessment is a quick "multi-stage" assessment built to provide a snapshot of your capabilities in Reading, Listening, Grammar, and Vocabulary. This assessment is available for you to retake so you can track your improvement as you continue to practice! Our English Speaking Practice Test also uses the same technology used to score the TOEFL® Exam.

The next tool in the English Practice suite is the Video Interview Practice tool. This tool helps you prepare for the various in-person or video interviews you may be asked to complete during your journey to study abroad. It is imperative you make a great first impression when interviewing. This practice tool allows you to get comfortable and prepare for an interview in a risk-free environment! You may review and "re-interview" with this tool as many times as you feel necessary to feel completely confident for your interview!

EdAgree, launched by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), empowers international students with the knowledge and services they need to optimize their journey into, through, and beyond higher education. Students utilize the EdAgree platform and partner network to highlight their individual strengths and plot their ideal academic journey.

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1 Comment

Aug 10, 2023

I've been attending the Spoken English Institute for a few months now, and the improvement in my English skills is truly remarkable! The personalized attention from experienced instructors and engaging practice sessions have boosted my confidence in speaking English fluently.

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