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Student Success - Beyond Academics

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The world around us is changing each and every day. How do you adapt and learn? We have partnered with High School Moms CEO, Abhishek Gupta, to talk about how you succeed (beyond academics). In a 1:1 session EdAgree CEO, Marlowe Johnson, chats with Abhishek about the importance of understanding what 21st-century skills are and how to gain them.

According to Gupta, these skills are learned outside of academics. He says engaging in extracurricular activities and the world around you allows you to develop the ability to be innovative, think critically and outside of the box, communicate effectively, and develop leadership skills. All of which are critical skills to not only get you into a university but to help you succeed in your future. Given the changing world around us with the ever-prominent use of the internet, many students now do not have the same obstacles as previous students did. This is an opportunity to build confidence and become a part of a larger community. There are abundant opportunities to reach out and make new connections each and every day.

The internet has a vast amount of free resources and information that allows students to expand their horizons and learn about other career opportunities that may not have been considered or known of before. This has brought new career opportunities to the forefront for many. Some examples Abhishek touched on included nano-science and even research as career options that are often not considered.

The wealth of knowledge is not only for the “fortunate ones”. While the internet has expanded boundaries, Gupta also focuses on the importance of being involved in things around you other than just academics, such as being part of a team (and not having to always be captain). Academics are incredibly important to your future success, but they are not the only consideration.

Many things must be considered when planning for your future. You must decide what you want to do, what makes you happy, and how you will get there. The most important thing is to be yourself and do what you can to keep growing. Once you find an interest, you should keep learning and use that to your advantage. Let EdAgree help you find the right University to kick-start your future, and be successful beyond academics. Create a free profile today!

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