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Review What You Missed at Our University Fair

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

You may have seen a thing or two online about the Free Virtual University Fair we hosted on January 21st, but there’s also a chance you may have missed it. Do not fear - we want to share that information with you indefinitely! Let’s recap what you may have missed and where you can find it.

We had our 20+ university partners represented at the fair, so you could learn about them and chat with them to make sure you were finding the right fit for you. Interested in learning more? Head over to our student platform and create a profile to learn about who they are, their application process, and learn more about their admission requirements! Watch each University’s video to get a better understanding of how they can be the right fit for you.

Another great aspect was the live sessions which were created by some of our great partners going over topics such as:

  • "Writing a Great Personal Essay" - Learning what it takes to really stand out when writing your personal essay, along with some helpful pointers. You can also head over to our blog to read more about what Michael Goodine had to say about how to write a great personal essay!

  • “Understanding U.S. Higher Education Scholarships and Cost” - Financial aid can be a bit tricky, so we have met with experts to help you understand the types of financial aid, what makes up the "cost of studying", and tips to help you through the process! Read more into our discussion with Jim Crawley, Director of Global Recruitment from Hope College here!

  • “Finding the Right University for You”- Finding the right fit isn't always a walk in the park. How do you navigate the daunting task of finding the right fit? What different factors you should consider when choosing the right university for you? To learn more, head over to our blog to learn more about finding the right fit.

The EdAgree team was also there to chat with you about how we can be your partner during the application and admission process and what it takes to qualify. Our focus is on helping you put your right foot forward and finding the right University for you. Our chat is always open, as we are here to be your partner! Reach out to us on at and get started on your study abroad experience!

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