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Finding the Right University for You

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Finding the right university can be a daunting task with over 4,300 universities to choose from and so many aspects that make each one unique. Never fear, we are here to help make this process less stressful! Read more to find out some of the tips we find most useful, and other things to take into consideration. You can also watch a short video on finding the right fit!

The most important things to remember are: keep an open mind, let your list grow and evolve, know there may be more than one right “fit”, and rank isn’t the only thing to consider! There are many benefits to studying abroad in the U.S. so it is just a matter of finding the right university to fit your needs. Most universities are very similar, which gives you a chance to focus on other factors. Generally speaking, most universities will have very comparable requirements for general education, have career counseling and mentoring service, most will also greatly value student involvement, and more.

Understanding and ranking what your needs and expectations are for your study abroad experience will get you started on finding the right fit. Taking our University quiz will help you consider these factors and narrow down a few of our University Partners that would be a great fit for you! Things to consider include, and of course are not limited to:

  • Size of the university and community - Do you want large classes and a larger metropolitan community to interact with, or would you prefer smaller classes and a small town?

  • Location - The United States has many very different regions which also means vastly different climates. There will be a lot of variation in the weather experienced year-round.

  • Special academic areas of interest - Variety in the regions lead to different specific areas of academic interest and ability. Certain locations will have specific pathways related to their location that other schools cannot offer. Another aspect to consider is if the college offers a honors program if you are looking for a potentially more enriching experience.

  • Cost of attendance - Each college or university will have a different cost of attendance, so it is worth considering when making your decision.

These factors will have a large impact on your experience during studying abroad. The United States has many different regions with many different climates, communities, and educational opportunities available. Be sure to also have an idea of what major you would like to pursue, as some universities may not offer that specific program. To learn more about how to identify a career and university for you, click here.

Let EdAgree help you find the right university for you and put your best foot forward when starting your study abroad process. Create your profile today to get started!

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