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You can attend a U.S. University

Let's get you submitted!

Don’t waste any time, let us help you get your application material together.  We will guide you through the process and review your materials. Apply now to be eligible for early scholarships! 


EdAgree provides guidance and support on each step along the way from your first thought of studying abroad, to navigating the application process and applying, and then enrolling and succeeding. Once you create your free profile, you will have access to tools, resources, and support. Your success is our mission! 

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Take advantage of:

English Language Practice

Practice your English skills and gain confidence before taking the TOEFL or attending university. Take an English Diagnostic or use the English Speaking Practice tool to learn your strengths and weaknesses.

The Perfect Fit

Identify an EdAgree university that matches your major, lifestyle, and your budget. Your college experience will be once in a lifetime, so finding the right school for you is key.

Ongoing Support

Be supported with 1:1 guidance, resources, and gain access to scholarships and learning opportunities. EdAgree scholars receive ongoing support, from the time you explore colleges, through the application and visa process, and while you are a student in the U.S.

Application Submission

Receive step-by-step guidance and review of your application and essay before submission to  your university. Each university has different requirements for admission. We walk you through your chosen university application step-by-step so that you submit everything without error.

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