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More Opportunities to Study Abroad in the U.S.


EdAgree is excited to announce a new collaboration with Shorelight to offer more top-tier options for students to study abroad in the U.S. Founded in 2013, Shorelight connects students, universities, and counselors from around the world. Their innovative technology helps students find and apply to the best-match program, and provides the tools to enable their success. And, just like EdAgree, Shorelight puts students first. 


Many Shorelight universities offer late admissions deadlines for upcoming terms. If you’re interested in learning about studying at any of the universities below, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and our friends at Shorelight will be in touch with you soon!

Take the Next Step!

Interested in any of the Shorelight universities or want to learn more? Fill out the form below to work with Shorelight on applying and enrolling in these great universities. 

Shoreligt Form
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