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Transcripts: What You Need to Know

Updated: May 13, 2022

As you begin submitting university or college applications you will often be asked to submit a transcript. What is a transcript and why is it important for your college application? Let’s break down what a transcript is, why it’s important, and what it needs to show so you can have a seamless application process.

A high-school transcript is a document that shows what classes you took and the grades received while in high school. Universities use this as a way to determine if you qualify for admission. Other additional information listed on your transcript can include academic probation or any honors/awards for school performance. Universities will pay attention to how you have performed overall during your high school experience – so remember that everything you do counts when applying for higher education! A transcript can go by many names: Educational Record, Educational Documentation, Education Certification, and more. EdAgree will request you upload a transcript– this does not have to be the official transcript for our purposes. This can be an unofficial transcript with the first 3 years of high-school if you are applying during your final year. You will be required to submit your final transcript upon graduation or prior to your official start at your university.

Sample Transcripts

How Do I Access My Transcript?

You will need to request your transcript from your school’s registrar or office of records. Each high school will have different steps to request your transcript, so we recommend talking to a guidance counselor for correct instructions to request your transcript. Once received, you will need to have your transcript translated into English, if not already, and standardized by an international transcript service that would make it comparable with a transcript from the United States. A few services you can use are WES (World Education Services) and ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators). These services will confirm your credentials and determine the legitimacy of your transcript. Once reviewed, translated, and standardized by one of these services your transcript will be considered “official” and can be used by your chosen institution.

When you submit your transcript to EdAgree our student success advisors will review the transcript you have uploaded to your account and provide necessary feedback. Keep in mind EdAgree can use an unofficial transcript, but your university will still likely require you to submit your official transcript directly to them before the start of classes.

Watch a short tutorial showing how to upload your transcript, and other needed documentation, using our student platform on a mobile device.

EdAgree is dedicated to international student success and helping you during the study abroad process. Create your free profile today to get started!

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