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Top Study Abroad Questions and Answers

Trying to plan to study abroad means there are lots of questions to be answered and plenty of questions you may not have thought of yourself – yet. As a resource for students looking to study abroad in the United States we wanted to put together an inclusive list of the popular questions (and answers) we are asked about how to study abroad and what you should know!

How Can I Practice English?

We have multiple resources for you to utilize when trying to practice English whether it be for personal intent or preparing for an English proficiency exam! Our English Language Practice Suite has a variety of tools at your service including an English speaking practice tool, English diagnostic assessment, and a video interview practice tool.You can use these tools to begin practicing for your English proficiency exam, but we also encourage you to check out our other tips on how to practice English daily.

How Can I Find the Right School for Me?

Finding the school that fits your needs requires some work. You need to know what your ideal major is, the ideal career path, how much you can afford to pay, and where you would like to live! Deciding where to attend is a big decision, and we're here to help. Our career compass quiz will help you find the right pathway for you by focusing on your interests and corresponding majors. We have a wide variety of partners to choose from so you are sure to find the right fit for you!

What Is a Personal Essay and Why Is It Important?

A personal essay is a short essay where you can explain your intentions for choosing a particular university or why you are best suited for the program of choice. It is your opportunity to not only stand out and describe why you would be an outstanding student to join their campus community, but also showcase your personal interests and what makes you unique. A personal essay provides you a chance to show yourself to colleges and universities in a way that transcripts and exam scores cannot. It is recommended that you discuss your subject interests, academic motivations, personal growth, interests, and experiences to fully convey your point. Head over to our blog about personal essays for a deeper guide to writing your personal essay.

Remember, this essay is about you, which means this writing should be written by and about you. Do not use someone else's ideas, experiences, or writing because that would count as plagiarism which is a large offense to universities in the U.S. This can sometimes prevent students from being accepted even if they have met all other requirements for admission or result in expulsion.

Plagiarism? What Is That?

Many international students fall victim to U.S. universities' stance on plagiarism and may not be afforded an opportunity at the university of their choice, or may suffer the consequences if caught plagiarizing in school. Plagiarizing is using someone else's work as your own whether it be written or an idea. Oftentimes plagiarism is accidental, but there are resources available to ensure you are minimizing the risk as much as possible. The consequences for plagiarizing can vary in severity and by institution ranging from a failing grade on the assignment to expulsion. We have gone into more depth about plagiarism and some useful resources in our latest blog "Plagiarism: What Is It and How to Avoid It?". The key understanding to take away is if you are ever referencing material you are more than likely needing to provide a citation for it to give proper credit to the original author.

What Documents are Required to Submit University Applications?

Each EdAgree partner university will have a few required documents to submit an application, but the requirements are not all the same! Some documentation that may be required can be: bank statements, transcripts, English language exam scores (or proof of exam), proof of graduation, personal essay, or letter of recommendation. Each of our university partner profiles list out the required documentation. Once you have submitted the correct documents your EdAgree advisor will review them to ensure everything uploaded is correct so you can continue with your application submission process. Be sure to pay close attention to the documents required and what you are actually uploading to ensure a quick submission process. If you have questions please email

How Much Does University Cost? How Can I Afford It?

Each of our partners will have a different cost of attendance, but the average amount you will need proof of financing for is $25,000 per year. This does not mean you will be required to pay that amount up front. Each of the university profiles on our student success platform will list the average tuition for you to view!

Please note colleges and universities will offer scholarships which can be of great assistance; however, they do not usually offer fully funded scholarships. This means you will most likely still be required to pay cost of living expenses such as rent and other expenses. This blog offers more resources for help estimating the cost of attendance for U.S. universities.

You can learn about the difference between scholarships and financial aid to better learn your options for paying for university. It is important to apply to other scholarships if possible which means you need to understand the timeline for scholarship applications to ensure you do not miss out on any opportunities and pay attention to a few scholarship application tips for international students.

IMPORTANT NOTE: International students completing their undergraduate degree do not typically qualify for student loans in the U.S. so you will not be able to use this as a resource for proof of funding.

What Is A Student Visa and How Do I Get It?

A student visa shows you are a traveler to the U.S. here to continue your higher education, but not to immigrate. You must first find, apply, and be accepted to a university in the U.S. before you can start applying for your visa. Once accepted by a university they will then issue you an I-20 which allows you to apply for your student visa. For a complete list of steps and helpful information read our guide to the student visa application. Preparing for your visa interview is a crucial step, so be sure to take advantage of our video interview practice tool. This is a great opportunity for you to practice in a stress-free environment and gain experience and confidence answering questions similar to those in your visa interview!

Can I Work While I Am Studying Abroad?

Most international students are able to work while they study abroad in the U.S. There are a few things to know first before you can start searching for a job. The most important factor when working while studying abroad is your student visa. The two common types are F-1 and J-1. For both visas you are required to work on-campus for 20 hours maximum while school is in session and up to 40 while school is not in session. It is very important that you talk with your school's DSO (Designated School Official) to ensure you stay within the regulations of the U.S. government because the types of employment each visa type can participate in do vary so you want to ensure they align with your goals.

How Can EdAgree Help Me Get Started?

The first step is to create your free profile and begin looking at our university partners. To find the right school for you we encourage you to take our university match quiz. Once you have decided which school you would like to apply to head over to the university's profile and start your application. Here you will upload some of the required documents mentioned above and you will be in contact with our EdAgree Advisors who will help you submit your application. Our student success platform offers resources to help you find a career or education path, make sure you’re college ready, and help you prepare and submit your university application.

Our EdAgree advisors are available to help you 1:1 through the application and admission process to ensure you are able to put your best foot forward during your study abroad journey.

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