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Learn More About California State University, Long Beach

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Why attend?

California State University, Long Beach (also known as CSU Long Beach) is a large public university in the state of California. CSU is known for being the largest 4-year university system within the US! They host students from 106 different countries. This university is incredibly diverse, not only in population but food and culture too! Something else to be proud of is being one of the safest universities to study and live in the country.

CSU Long beach offers 85 undergraduate and 67 graduate degree programs plus a variety of concentrations making them a great place to study and find opportunities. They are a comprehensive university - meaning they have nationally ranked programs in business, engineering, and health science. They also have the largest public music and art programs in the country! If you're interested in any doctoral options they have a few programs in health science, engineering, and education!


CSU is there to help its students with their future career opportunities and internships with their Career Development center. In addition to the Career Development Center, the campus is also centrally located to industry leaders such as Boeing, Google, and even Disney! Interested in finding what career fields their majors can lead to? Head over our Career Compass Quiz to learn more about your interests, where they lead, and what university will match!

Location Location Location!

Located in Southern California near Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the Long Beach campus is conveniently located 2km from the beach, 40 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and 20 minutes from Disney Land! Being located in beautiful southern California means the weather is beautiful year-round and allows for active lifestyles for students. Be sure to consider if this weather would be the right fit for you!

Why EdAgree?

We want to help you put your best foot forward during the admissions process, support you throughout your study abroad journey and beyond! We are proud to partner with California State University, Long Beach and to be your direct connection to the admissions team!

Create your Free EdAgree profile today to learn more about California State University, Long Beach!

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