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Exploring SUNY Oswego & What They Offer

SUNY Oswego stands for State University of New York located in Oswego, New York. For many, the place that first comes to mind when thinking of "New York" is New York City. SUNY Oswego is actually located about 5 hours northwest of New York City. SUNY has 64 campuses throughout the state of New York. Oswego is located in the upper northwest of the state and is lakeside with a city population of 18,000 people. The nearest airport will be about 45 minutes away – located in Syracuse, NY. Of the 8,000 students, there are about 200 international students from 40 different countries!

Academic Life

There is plenty for students to do while attending SUNY Oswego as this campus offers 200 clubs and organizations – even an international students' association, volunteering opportunities that relate to your hobbies, and more! There are 13 residence halls on campus and most international students will live in Hart Hall Global Living and Learning Community for at least their first or second year. Living in Hart Hall provides students with many opportunities to engage in varying programs and events going on to celebrate diversity. Oswego is 2.5 hours from Niagara Falls and 4 to 6 hours from NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, Montreal, and Toronto which means there's plenty of opportunity awaiting! SUNY Oswego partners with over 1000 local, national, and international companies for students to work with for internships or co-ops.

SUNY Oswego specializes in programs pertaining to STEM, business, the arts, and communication. They offer 160 academic programs and have a 17:1 student to faculty ratio with 24 people being the average class size. This is all possible due to there being about 8,000 students total including bachelors and masters students. One of the great benefits of attending a school with a smaller population is the personalized learning approach and the ability to form a closer connection with professors to learn deeper and even gain valuable research or internship opportunities. We've listed a few of their popular/specialty degrees and organized them by the school/college:

  • College of Liberal Arts/Science

    • Science: Biology, Biochemistry, Meteorology, Physics, Zoology

    • Technology: Computer Science

    • Engineering: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Software Engineering

    • Mathematics: Applied Mathematics

    • Humanities: Psychology, Global & International Studies

  • School of Business

    • Accounting (includes a 5 year BS/MBA option

    • Business Administration

    • Finance

    • Marketing

    • Human Resource Management

    • Risk Management and Insurance

  • School of Education

    • Childhood education

    • TESOL Education

    • Technology Education

    • Vocational Teacher Education

    • Wellness Management

  • School of Communication, Media, Arts

    • Art

    • Graphic Design

    • Broadcasting and Mass Communication

    • Journalism

    • Music/Theatre

    • Public Relations


SUNY Oswego offers state of the art facilities for students to use shortly after beginning their first year. These facilities allow students to have very hands-on learning experiences for your career and field of study. A few of the facilities they offer are:

  • Planetarium

  • Computational and nanotechnology labs

  • Ecological research field station

  • 2 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers

  • Forensic anthropology lab


SUNY Oswego is ranked highly among the best value colleges in the U.S. and are affordable with the average cost of attendance being $36,582. Most international students will pay less than this due to the great scholarships offered. There is an automatic $9,000 "destination Oswego" scholarship for international students accepted at the bachelors level. The requirements are: you must stay in good academic standing, and be a full time student. There are additional merit based scholarships beginning your first year ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per year. Transfer students are also eligible for up to $1,000 per year. On average, international students will pay $22,000 to $28,000 per year.

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