• Michelle Artreche

Exploring Highline College and What They Have to Offer

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Highline College is one of our U.S. university partners, the award-winning college located in Des Moines, Washington offers over 100 degrees and certificates, including seven applied bachelor's degrees. Located just outside of Seattle, Washington, Highline offers an abundance of opportunities while providing individualized support for international students. Unlike most of our other university partners, Highline is a community college. This means that you can study your first two years of university here at a fraction of the cost of a 4-year university.

Why should you attend a U.S. Community College?

  • Affordable college tuition

  • The cost of attendance for a U.S. community college is approximately half the cost of attending a U.S. university. You can save about $20,000 in 2 years of attending a community college.