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Exploring Highline College and What They Have to Offer

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Highline College is one of our U.S. university partners, the award-winning college located in Des Moines, Washington offers over 100 degrees and certificates, including seven applied bachelor's degrees. Located just outside of Seattle, Washington, Highline offers an abundance of opportunities while providing individualized support for international students. Unlike most of our other university partners, Highline is a community college. This means that you can study your first two years of university here at a fraction of the cost of a 4-year university.

Why should you attend a U.S. Community College?

  • Affordable college tuition

    • The cost of attendance for a U.S. community college is approximately half the cost of attending a U.S. university. You can save about $20,000 in 2 years of attending a community college.

  • Smaller class sizes

    • Community colleges are known for smaller class sizes, approximately 25 students per teacher, at Highline College the ratio is about 17 students per teacher. These sizes allow students to thrive in the classroom environment, creating a comfortable space to interact with the professors and other students.

  • Guaranteed admissions to transfer U.S. universities

    • Highline College currently has 13 U.S. university transfer partners, upon graduating with an Associate’s degree from Highline, along with appropriate GPA requirements, you are able to transfer with guaranteed admission to one of their partner universities.

What is offered at a U.S. Community College?

When students enroll in a U.S. community college, specifically Highline College, you can earn:

  • A 2-year degree, an Associate’s Degree

  • A 4-year degree, Bachelor of Applied Science Degree

    • Cybersecurity and Forensics

    • Global Trade and Logistics

    • Respiratory Care

    • Early Childhood Education

    • Elementary Education

    • Youth Development

    • Integrated Design

  • Professional and Technical programs

    • Professional-technical education program requiring a minimum of 45 credits. Each program consists of at least three quarters and has specific requirements.

  • Certification programs

    • You can earn a Certificate of Arts and Sciences (CAS) for personal reasons, as a specific educational goal, in preparation for an AA degree, or for transfer to a university.

  • Pre-Master’s courses

    • Highline College offers pre-graduate courses, allowing students to enroll in these graduate-level courses, financially benefiting you by paying much less than you would normally in a graduate program.

  • High school diploma

    • Highline College offers a “pre” Pathway program that helps students adjust to the demands of high school completion on the college campus. Students that complete HS Success cohort classes can work on their high school diploma exclusively or transition to Pathway to College so that they can earn both high school and college credits simultaneously.

Where is Highline College located?

Highline’s main campus is located on an 80-acre tree-filled site in the Pacific Northwest, 20 minutes south of downtown Seattle and 10 minutes from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Perched on a hill in Des Moines, Washington, the main campus overlooks the beautiful Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

Seattle and the greater surrounding areas are home to leading Tech and E-commerce companies that will potentially open doors to internship and career opportunities. The Seattle area is filled with diversity from different ethnicities, religions, to cuisine, there is so much to offer.

We want to help you put your best foot forward during the admissions process, support you throughout your study abroad journey and beyond! We are proud to partner with Highline College and to be your direct connection to the admissions team!

Create your free EdAgree profile today to check out Highline College and all they have to offer!

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