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Exploring Carroll University & What They Offer

Carroll University is a small, private, 4-year university located in Waukesha, Wisconsin and offers undergraduate, graduate, and exchange programs. Waukesha is located about 20 minutes from Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee. The total student enrollment is 3,500 students, with the majority being undergraduate. There are students from 38 countries worldwide. Carroll is not only diverse, but affordable! 100% of international students receive financial aid. This includes an opportunity to be placed at a work study job on campus. Departments may vary, but some examples are athletics, marketing, music, etc. Your placement depends on your interest!

Student Life

In Milwaukee, you will find the Brewers baseball team, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle museum, and the 2021 NCAA Basketball champions – the Milwaukee Bucks. Aside from finding great entertainment, you can also find great internship opportunities within a larger city like Milwaukee. A great opportunity in Milwaukee is an internship with GE Healthcare. One other great aspect to consider, especially for international students, is the proximity to the airport. Airports in larger cities will usually have less expensive flights which makes traveling one step easier.

Students have the option to live on-campus with 13 residence halls to choose from. Residence halls come in single, double, and triple rooms with each style having a shared bathroom. This is where most first year students will reside. Living on-campus provides students an opportunity to acclimate to life in college and take advantage of a wide variety of experiences.


There is a wide selection of academic programs to choose from. Carroll offers 95+ degree programs (see image below). They offer flexible entrance options, so don’t worry if you don’t know what path you want to choose. You can enter as “undecided” and your academic and faculty advisors can help you find the correct path for you. Students in the Animal Behavior pathway will have the exciting opportunity to care for and train a dog to become a service animal. This is only one of eight programs in the United States where this is an option!

Carroll also offers the “Carroll3*” program which allows students to complete specific programs in 3 years instead of 4. This will require more credits to be taken during each semester to offset the time, but does allow you to graduate a year early so long as you have met all requirements for graduation. International students are available to work after graduation through OPT (optional practical training) and CPT (curricular practical training), which is a great opportunity to further your education and experience. It is valuable to note that students that graduate from their undergraduate program at Carroll have a 95% placement rate into graduate school.

Carroll3 programs are denoted with an asterisk.

Carroll University has a total student population of 3,500 students, which allows for small class sizes with the average class size being 21 students. This allows for extra attention, more opportunities to ask questions, and allows easier connections with professors.

Students can go to the library on campus to study, access books tailored to Carroll’s programs, as well as a database where you can access 100k+ journals to supplement your studies. The library also has the Learning Commons which is where students can go to get assistance from research assistants and librarians. Students may also attend supplemental instruction workshops, and use the writing, math, and career service centers. There is a new science building built in 2016 that houses state of the art labs including anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry classrooms. You will have access to a state of the art nursing lab, simulation lab, and two exercise science labs if you are in those programs of study. Gamefield gymnasium is a gym on campus that houses a full size NCAA basketball course, multiple classrooms, dance studio, and a lounge space. Students can also take advantage of the recreation sports area that includes intramural sports, club sports, group fitness, drop-in recreation, special events, and even equipment rental opportunities!

There is plenty of school spirit and exciting activities to attend at Carroll University. It is home to 23 NCAA athletic teams, so you are certain to find a way to cheer for your university’s teams. Another great way to express school spirit and find entertainment is to attend the world’s largest music festival, which is hosted right in Milwaukee! Students can attend (on a specified day) for free by wearing Carroll University gear!

EdAgree’s mission is to empower international students with the knowledge and services they need to optimize their journey into, through, and beyond higher education. We are proud to partner with the admissions team at Carroll University and to help you study abroad. Create your free profile today to get started!

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