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English Language Practice Suite

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Learning and practicing the English language doesn’t need to be stressful! Our English Language Suite was created as a service for you to practice your current English Language skills in a safe and low-stakes environment.

Within our English Language Practice Suite you will have easy access to all the tools you’ll need to help practice your English language skills and prepare for an English language exam you may be taking. Each tool will help you practice, assess, and track progress with your current English language skills.

English Speaking Practice Tool - In this practice tool, you will answer 4 questions (go through a set of topics) with spoken responses. After completing the 4 questions, responses are submitted and within minutes, you will a score report on several categories that can help identify English speaking strengths and weaknesses. The results are very similar to the scoring and feedback available when taking the official TOEFL® test!

English Diagnostic Assessment - Before planning for your English proficiency exam, it’s important to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Our English Diagnostic Test will help you recognize where your listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary skill levels are while showing you how best to spend your study sessions.

Video Interview Practice Tool - You may be asked to do several in-person or video interviews, whether for your visa or as part of the university application process. In the Video Interview Practice, you can prepare for your "real" interviews as often as you like and until you feel ready to answer all the common questions, as well as some uncommon questions. There are tips for your interview and an evaluation guide. It’s a great opportunity to practice your English and vocabulary, especially related to attending university. Use this safe space to practice and refine your interview skills.

English Writing Practice Tool - The English writing practice uses the same technology used to score the TOEFL® test to give automatic feedback that you can use to learn about your strengths and weaknesses as well as focus on areas for improvement. With this detailed feedback, you will feel prepared and will be confident in your writing skills.

At EdAgree, we are here to help you identify your path to academic success at a U.S. university. We want to help you put your best foot forward during the admissions process, additional support throughout your study abroad journey and beyond! This is why we would like to encourage you to continuously take advantage of all these English language resources to help you grow and to track your progress. This is a low-pressure and safe place to build your English language skills and confidence.

Create your free EdAgree profile and start taking advantage of our no-cost English Language Practice Suite today!

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