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Exploring Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College is a 2-year institution located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. This community college offers a safe suburban campus, low tuition and cost of living, and an award winning Intensive English Program. Campus life is always bustling, as there are 10 athletic teams and 25 clubs and organizations centered on celebrating different cultures. Elgin Community College believes your college experience outside of the classroom is just as important as your success inside!


ECC offers over 100 degree and certificate programs, as well as a 2+2 transfer pathway, which means conditional transfer admission with top universities such as the University of Illinois system, University of Iowa, and Arizona State University. They provide foundation courses equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor's degree. Students can then transfer seamlessly to virtually any four-year college or university! In most cases, students can complete a two-year associate degree at ECC, and then complete two years at a four-year transfer university to earn a bachelor's degree. Average class size will be around 20 students, which means there is plenty of opportunity for a close-knit learning experience.

Admission Options:

Option 1: Intensive English Program Certificate (12 months). Designed for students who wish to improve their English language proficiency without pursuing a certificate or degree.

In addition to the wide variety of degrees and certificates, students can also choose to take advantage of their award-winning Intensive English Program! Because an English program is offered an English language exam score is not required (but is optional). Class sizes at ECC are small so you can focus on creating connections with your peers and teachers.

Option 2: Intensive English Program + Degree Program (36 months). Designed for students who need to become proficient in the English language and plan to pursue an Associate degree. This program includes a pathway to general education courses.

Option 3: Degree Program (24-36 months). Designed for students proficient in English who demonstrate an eligible TOEFL or IELTS score, this program allows students to register for general education and major courses (with appropriate college-level placement test results).

Cost of Attendance & Housing

The average cost of attendance for ECC is $9,520 per year, or $4,700 per semester. Applicants must be at least 17 years of age, and be able to provide evidence of financial support of at least $20,310. There are some small scholarships available, and students are offered payment plans to be able to pay for school in installments.

International students are also offered the opportunity to participate in a Homestay program where they are able to completely immerse into American culture by living with a host family. This will cost between $600-$800 per month and includes 2 meals per day and can include daily transportation to and from campus.

EdAgree’s mission is to empower international students with the knowledge and services they need to optimize their journey into, through, and beyond higher education. We are proud to partner with the admissions team at Seattle Colleges and to help you study abroad. Create your free profile today to get started!

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