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Are You College Ready?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

When you are considering applying to a university, a lot of emotions may arise, such as anxiousness, excitement, or even stress. Attending a university is not only a big step academically, but a step towards independence and responsibility.

Are you college ready? To find out all the aspects of being college ready and where you are in this journey, take our College Readiness Quiz. This short quiz will ask you a series of questions and based on your responses will provide you with personalized resources, tips, and valuable information to help you prepare to study abroad.

College readiness is being prepared for your post-secondary experience in your academics, skills, and post-secondary planning and awareness. All these factors are important to your success when you enroll at a university.

Want some help? Register for our free college readiness workshop where we will share steps and tips to begin your journey to a U.S. university. You will leave with a personalized plan and simple actions to take along with you.

Together we will:

  • Define your goals for future studies

  • Explore the U.S. higher education system and identify the options available to you

  • Learn ways to strengthen your English language skills

  • Build your application process timeline and a set of to-do's that will put you on the right path

  • Read 5 Things to Help You Study Abroad

Our goal at EdAgree is to help you identify your path to academic success at a U.S. university. We want to help you put your best foot forward during the admissions process, support throughout your study abroad journey, and beyond! Including preparing you to be college ready, and to feel completely confident while applying to universities.

Create your free EdAgree profile today to start your path to the right university for you and your future!

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