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5 Things to Help You Get Ready to Study Abroad

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Preparing to apply and study in the U.S. can be overwhelming. Are you college ready? Follow these 5 steps in high school to help you get ready for when the time comes to submit applications to U.S. colleges and universities.

1. Practice English

Do as much as you can to practice speaking English. Take English courses in high school, travel to English-speaking countries, practice saying words or sentences out loud, and take a practice TOEFL. If you're looking for an English Language Program (ELP), be sure to read our blog on 5 Things to Look For When Choosing an Online English Language Program.

2. Explore Options

The U.S. has over 3,000 colleges and universities that are all awesome! Explore different regions of the country, private and public or large and small size. Attend a U.S. Study Abroad Fair, use explore on EdAgree’s free platform, take our University Match Quiz, and search the internet.

3. What's Important To You

Begin to think about what academic areas interest you, what you like to do for fun, where you would like to live, and how you like to earn. The perfect university fit is different for everyone so start identifying what matters to you in the college experience.

4. Keep It Up

Your grades in high school matter when you apply to colleges and universities. Do your best, take challenging courses, and work hard! You got this!

5. Assess Your Finances

Financial aid and scholarships are often competitive and limited for your study. Your education is an investment so begin to assess your finances on what you can afford and what you are willing to spend.

Doing these 5 things to help you get ready to study abroad while in high school will help you find the university that is the best fit for you and help you prepare your application to get in. We know the process can be exciting and scary, but EdAgree is here to help! EdAgree can be your partner throughout the application process and is here to help find the right college or university for you! Start a free profile on EdAgree's platform today!

Feel free to download the PDF version of the 5 Things to Help You Get Ready to Study Abroad to post on your wall or share out below!

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