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4 Ways EdAgree Can Help You in 2021

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Happy New Year! Our 2021 resolution at EdAgree is to help you identify universities and programs that will push you towards long-term success and support you along the way.

Here are 4 ways we can together kick-off 2021 right!

1. ASU Global Launch -- Online English Language Program

This is a great chance to take your English to the next level at a top-tier program and prepare you for further global studies. For a limited time, participants who apply to ASU's Global Launch through EdAgree will benefit from a voucher to take TOEFL. You can learn more here.

2. New Partner - University of Oregon

University of Oregon, a Tier 1 National Public Research University, is located in a cool college city surrounded by the great outdoors. Learn more about Oregon and our other partner universities such as University of Tennessee and University of Kansas and how those universities are ready to support EdAgree Scholars. Click here to get started today!

3. Find Your Match

Take this fun EdAgree quiz to find universities that match your aspirations and needs--and to let us know how we can best help you reach your goals. It will let us (and you!) identify what is most important to you - location, student life, degree, and so on. As always, we will be there to support your aspirations.

4. Expand Your Access to US Universities Webinar

View our upcoming webinar and live panel with higher ed experts titled "Expand Your Access to US Universities: Benefits and Opportunities from English Language and Community College Programs" for International Students.

EdAgree is here to help students identify universities that will push them towards longer term success, put their best foot forward during the admissions process, and added support throughout study abroad and beyond.

We encourage you to share feedback on what you are looking for in a university, and how we can best support you through the process to study abroad.

Create your free EdAgree profile today to start you path to the right university for you future.


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