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Practice Your Skills Using Our English Language Suite of Tools!

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Come practice for your upcoming English language tests or track and refine your English skills with EdAgree's English Language Practice Suite.

English Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic test to gauge where your English listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary levels are and to identify where you may need to improve.

English Speaking Practice

Where you receive a score report identifying your English language speaking strengths and weaknesses.

English Video Interview Practice

Evaluate your listening and speaking skills, and practice for upcoming visa and admissions interviews.

English Writing Practice

Prepare for upcoming English language tests, polish personal statements, or improve your writing with our new tool created with the same technology that scores the TOEFL® exam!

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International Student Success Platform:

Student Success Platform

A platform with tools, resources, quizzes, and guides made for international students to help them in their study abroad journey. Everything from English language practice to career and major matching, and finding the best fitting university. 

Application & Ongoing Support

Be supported with 1:1 guidance, resources, and ongoing support, from the time you explore colleges, through the application and visa process, and while you are a student in the U.S. Receive step-by-step guidance and review of your application and essay before submission to  your university. 


EdAgree, launched by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), is an unwavering advocate for international students. We provide a free platform and services to support international students throughout their educational journeys.

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