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Who is EdAgree?

An organization with a passionate and dedicated team with expertise in enrollment management, international recruiting and teaching, student advising, and Edtech. EdAgree is a subsidiary of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the globally respected maker of tests like TOEFL and GRE. 

Why Become A University Partner?

Our recruiting services and methods have a large global reach. EdAgree ensures the scholars are qualified applicants, meet admission requirements, and are a good fit for your university. Getting started with EdAgree is quick, easy, and has no upfront costs.

How EdAgree Helps You

Delivering highly qualified and vetted applicants to your team 

  • Leveraging our direct relationship with TOEFL test takers.

  • Providing a free student platform with university information and learning/practice tools such as English-speaking practice, a college readiness quiz, English proficiency diagnostics, and more.

  • 1:1 Engagement and student events 

  • Direct relationships with international high schools, community colleges, and organizations 


Increasing your global brand awareness

  • Building your global brand through active global marketing and social media outreach and events


Leading the way in research

  • Partnering with EdAgree means you will have access to predictive student success metrics that result from this research. We are working with leading ETS researchers to predict and optimize long-term international student outcomes.  


 If you are a student and looking for information, click here

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