ASU x EdAgree -

Global Launch Demo Class

Saturday, May 8

Join us, EdAgree in partnership with Arizona State University, to learn why Global Launch is one of the most popular English language programs in the U.S. For one day only, EdAgree has partnered with Arizona State University’s Global Launch and is hosting a free English lesson!

In this 45-minute live class you will:

  • Observe a real English lesson taught by a Global Launch teacher-

  • Experience an English immersion program

  • Participate in a few activities

  • Meet American ASU students and make new friends

  • Learn American English from a program with 45 years of experience


After this class, you will know what it feels like to study in a real English language program!


Choose the best time for you:

Saturday, May 8 

12 am EST

8:00 am GST (Gulf Standard Time)

9:30 am IST (India Standard Time)

12 noon CST (China Standard Time)

Saturday, May 8

 10 am EST

6:00 pm GST (Gulf Standard Time)

7:30 pm IST (India Standard Time)

10:00 pm CST (China Standard Time)

Online English Language Program


Arizona State University's Global Launch program delivers high-quality, online English language training, university preparation and professional skills development for international learners with any goal. Surround yourself in the English language no matter where you live and become a part of ASU, ranked in the top 1% of the world's most prestigious universities.


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EdAgree, Inc., a subsidiary of Educational Testing Service (ETS), is an unwavering advocate for international student success.  We build up free products and services to support EdAgree Scholars in their education journeys with advocacy, and we conduct research with universities and other partners to explore how we can make those services even more effective.